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The sole purpose of the data published on this page is to prevent future accidents by fostering the awareness of marine casulties within the maritime community and the public. This information is of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular casualty, which had involved any individuals or entitities.

The data on this web page was provided by the EU member States to EMSA. Although no effort has been spared in ensuring the integrity of the data, the ultimate responsibility for the data rests with the member State who provided it. Data for ongoing investigations can change as the case details are updated by the member State.
For more information on a specific case, please contact the member State who provided it.
Latest 3 casualties being notified
Casualty date Ship type Severity Casualty event
15-May-2018 Fishing vessel Serious Loss of control
17-May-2018 Fishing vessel Less Serious
17-May-2018 Fishing vessel Less Serious Loss of control
Latest 3 marine casualty investigation reports
Occ.nr. Name of ship Date Ship type Reported by
download attachment (6.26 MB ) 421/2018 MARITANA 18-Nov-2017 Fishing vessel Denmark - DMAIB
download attachment (274 kB ) 4552/2017 Su00c9RGIO SORAIA 20-Nov-2017 Fishing vessel Portugal - GAMA
download attachment (1.42 MB ) 3606/2017 CONSTANT FRIEND(N83) 23-Sep-2017 Fishing vessel United Kingdom - MAIB

Media news

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