Permanent Cooperation Framework

The objective of the Permanent Cooperation Framework ‘PCF’ for the Investigation of Accidents in the Maritime Transport Sector, established by the Member States in close cooperation with the Commission is to provide an operational platform enabling the Member States’ investigative bodies to cooperate as referred to in Article 10 of Directive 2009/18/EC.

Article 10 (3), Directive 2009/18/EC:

a) enable investigative bodies to share installations, facilities and equipment for the technical investigation of wreckage and ship's equipment and other objects relevant to the safety investigation, including the extraction and evaluation of information from VDRs and other electronic devices;

b) provide each other with the technical cooperation or expertise needed to undertake specific tasks;

c) acquire and share information relevant for analysing casualty data and making appropriate safety recommendations at Community level;

d) draw up common principles for the follow-up of safety recommendations and for the adaptation of investigative methods to the development of technical and scientific progress;

e) manage appropriately the early alerts referred to in Article 16;

 f) establish confidentiality rules for the sharing, in the respect of national rules, of witness evidence and the processing of data and other records referred to in Article 9, including in relations with third countries;

g) organise, where appropriate, relevant training activities for individual investigators;

h) promote cooperation with the investigative bodies of third countries and with the international maritime accidents investigation organisations in the fields covered by this Directive;

i) provide investigative bodies conducting safety investigations with any pertinent information.